// A B O U T


# D I R K – the almighty all-in-one dude

“What is Dirk not?”, you can better ask yourself. He is no magician, nor astronaut. But he is a man with lots of qualities and interests. It starts with the fact that his passport tells you he is 100% Dutch, although in Eelke her opinion he is definitely 50% German , as he lived and studied for most of his youth in Germany. When Dirk and Eelke first met in Denmark, she would speak English with him, because his Dutch was so lousy, her German was far from speaking whole sentences and with English as main language they were pretty much in balance. This being said, Eelke figured during the first year together, that speaking Dutch would be much easier for her (this is her being lazy) and as he was stubbornly telling her he is a Dutchie, they changed their language to Dutch. Nowadays Dirk speaks 3 languages fluently and can easily switch between them. He is Eelke’s dictionary. <3

Besides the languages and him being smart ( OF COURSE), he is a great project manager, has a passion for photography, loves eating ( who doesn’t?), is very interested in tiny houses and is for now Eelkes on the road self taught mechanic and camper driver. Although he needs some safety once in a while, he mostly seeks for adventures and new experiences. L E A R N is his middle name.


# E E L K E – the creative life explorer

She is Dirks charming and little crazy other half. They met in Copenhagen, Denmark, during their internship in 2008. It was definitely not love at first sight, but somehow they fell in love and ended up dating. While both never really believed it would work out, this dating thing ( which is called a relationship) has been going on for over 8 years now! WHOOHOOO it’s a miracle. With her big smile, open soul and positive energy she kinda stole Dirk’s heart. Eelke is a lover of life, but not so much of romance. She gets inspired by the world around her, is super creative, respects animals, doesn’t eat meat, is a nature enthusiast, loves cooking and creating things through structured chaos. The camper interior is mostly designed by her and she hopes one day to build her own ecological house together with Dirk. Dream big, but first live tiny!

Although she has a big thing for dogs, over the last couple of years she slowly became one of those crazy cat ladies, who would secretly like to cat spam Instagram daily. It’s good that she knows how to behave and act like a normal person.


# L O K I – the wild tiger

Why they decided on cats in the first place? Dirk and Eelke both love animals and Eelke in particular dogs. She always wanted to have her own dog, but never really had the right lifestyle for it. One day, when Eelke was again considering getting a dog, Dirk suggested to look for cats instead. A little amazed by his suggestion ( a dog is definitely NOT a cat), she took it in consideration. After all Dirk grew up with cats, so he probably knew what he was talking about. Eelke figured that if they were about to get a cat, they have to set some rules.
A) It needs to be a big cat, you know, like dog sized cat
B) It needs to be fluffy
C) If She doesn’t fall in love with the cat, dirk needs to take care of it
D) And it needs to be a pretty cat

With all these demands they searched online on a random Saturday and by Tuesday Dirk surprised Eelke with L O K I, the Maine coon tiger cat. She almost fell in love right away with all his gorgeousness and weirdness. Loki looks tough on the outside, but is a scared little chicken when it comes to meeting new people or big changes. He can get grumpy when you touch his belly or when you have to move him because he is sitting on your spot. Sometimes he can be the ruler of his fort a.k.a the camper. Besides that, he is the biggest purrrrrrrer, very vocal, loves to once in a while chill on your lap and gives you then all the love in the world. Oh and he has some doglike qualities like walking together with us and sometimes playing fetch with a paper ball.


# M O E N A – the cute diva

Half a year later, Dirk and Eelke decided on getting another cat, as a good company for Loki and also to make him less socially awkward. They searched for a male cat which was partially Maine coon, so that Loki and the new cat would ‘ understand’ each other. You know roots and stuff. A grey/ white cat was online advertised as a half Maine coon male kitten, so Dirk and Eelke thought it would be the right fit!

After a couple of belly rubs and a cool male cat name, Eelke figured out that this brave little kitten was a female chica. OK, cool male name turned into cool female name. That was done! Now it was only a matter of time  for Moena to grow up and become very giant, just like Loki. Unfortunately that never happened…. Moena is a tiny European shorthair cat, which most probably doesn’t have any Maine coon ancestors. She is a tough little lady though, who loves to explore, behaves like a diva, wants to get belly rubs all the time, has an ever resting bitch face, but can also be the cutest! You know, females and their different mood swings .