:: BCAA saves the day

What would we do without BCAA? It’s BCs awesome roadside assistance that helped us out 3 times in one month while travelling with the Beast. They towed us, swapped our tires on aWalmart parking lot and payed for our hotel while the Beast was in surgery. We are very happy to be members and would recommend it to everyone who is travelling a lot, especially with an old vehicle.

Monthly BCAA asks people to send in a story about how BCAA saved their day. The best story wins a 50 dollar gift card from one of their partners and will be published in their newsletter. Sooo dirk wrote them an email last month about the Beast and it’s adventures and…….tadaa we won! Not that many of you are BCAA members and will receive their newsletter haha but still it’s always nice to win and share your adventures. Curious to the article? Click here.

We will be patiently waiting for the gift card to arrive. Very curious where we can spend it. Whoop whoop.



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