:: boondocking @ black rock canyon , Idaho

| B L A C K  R O C K  C A N Y O N |
North Blackrock Canyon Road
Pocatello, Idaho
Coordinates: 42.814482,-112.330711
BLM land

We found this place  on Campendium. Most of the reviews were positive, so we gave it a shot. To be honest, upon arrival, we were a bit disappointed of the parking spot. It is just a big square gravel parking lot without any trees or plants. Besides from that, you are surrounded by green mountains and herds of bleating sheep. There is also a picnic area, with several fire rings and tables covered by a little roof.

We parked our big rig on one side of the parking lot facing the mountains. Unfortunately we arrived on a gorgeous sunny Thursday afternoon, a good day for many ATV enthusiast to drive around in the canyon. A lot of noise and a lot of sand flying around. We decided not to get annoyed by it, and walked down to the picnic area to enjoy a BBQ food feast, with cold beers, fresh sourdough bread, lots of veggies and some meat for the guys. By the time it got dark, the ATVs were gone and we enjoyed the serenity with sometimes a beautiful sheep song in the background.

On Friday the weather was cloudy and a lot colder, which meant no ATVs. Yay! A good day to explore the surrounding. We walked straight up a mountain and got surprised by the gorgeous view on the summit. If you want to see more pictures of this hike, click here. There are also hike and bike trails nearby, which are shown on a map near the parking lot. There are no garbage cans, so take all your trash with you. Unfortunately not everyone followed these rules… so we ended up collecting almost a full garbage bag of scattered trash from around the picnic area. It’s sad.

Overall we enjoyed our stay, but we definitely recommend not to camp in the weekends especially when the weather is good. Unless you love ATVs or own one yourself. The nature is gorgeous and the cats loved to explore. There was enough space for them to escape the ATV craziness and do their own thing, like rolling in the gravel and sticky plants. Also the boondock spot is not too far away from Pocatello, about 10 miles.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️
Cat satisfaction: 🐈🐈🐈


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