:: The Beast – after renovations ( RV tour)


Finally we made a little video of our RV after renos. This time good quality, but a technique of filming that was new to us.  We hope you get a good impression of our tiny space. If you want to see the Beast before renos, click here.

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:: The Beast – before renovation

Yay! A very crappy video of our RV when we literally just bought it.  We filmed this with a phone and it was actually only meant for family and friends. Since we never made a decent video of  ‘ the before ‘ , we decided to share this secret video with you all. Feel special!

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:: Electrical System Upgrade

This will be a very informative post about batteries and stuff. If you are not that technical or interested in the subject ( just like me), you might find it a little boring. Dirk has taught himself quite a bit while being on the road ( and I am proud as a unicorn haha). I am talking about the mechanical part of the RV. Something that I do not understand a lot of and also don’t wanna understand haha. Anyway for the rv beginners, this might be a very helpful post. Dirk is taking over now. Enjoy!

Before we hit the road,  I realized that the batteries in our motorhome were at least 5 years old. While I called the dealer to inquire about the battery type (there was a sticker on the side of the batteries), I found out this type of battery has not been available for 5 years. After a test, during which I unplugged shore power (the cable you plug into your RV while stationary anywhere), the batteries seemed to drain very fast. By pressing the battery button on our “Jensen Data Center II”,  I could check the battery status.

It told me “fair”, so I knew the batteries wouldn’t hold a charge long enough for us to be on the road. Since I felt the need to upgrade, but had no clue of what I was doing, I needed to do some research first to understand how things work.

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