:: Eggless whole-wheat pasta with spinach pesto

T I M E : preparation: 1.5 hours | pasta drying time: 2 hours- a day

H E A L T H Y : it’s veganly healthy

Y U M M I N E S S : fresh homemade Italian deliciousness

S E R V I N G S : 4-6 plates

>> We specially created this recipe (and 3 others) for Bucars RV Centre’s annual Bucars Magazine <<


>> pasta
+ 2 cups of unbleached all purpose flour
+ 2 cups of whole wheat flour
+ 1.5 cups of water ( maybe some extra)
+ 1 tsp olive oil
+ a pinch of salt

>> pesto
+ ½ a bundle of fresh spinach
+ 1 bundle of fresh parsley
+ a small handful of sunflower seeds ( raw or roasted )
+ 1 garlic clove
+ ½ hand full of shredded cheese of your choice ( old spicy cheese is the best like Parmesan or old cheddar. For the vegans you can of course add vegan cheese)
+ 3 tbsp olive oil
+ 12-14 tbsp sunflower oil / safflower oil/ canola oil
+ a bit of lemon juice
+ pepper & salt

>> topping
+ roasted cherry tomatoes
+ parsley or cilantro



1. Mix the two flours (with your hands) on a big flat service like a table or a big cutting board

2. Make a big mountain of flour and dig a hole in the middle. Poor slowly water in the hole and start mixing the dough with your hands. It’s totally ok to make a big mess. Add bit by bit more water, the oil and salt. The dough is ready when it’ smooth and a bit sticky. It’ s very important to knead the dough for at least 15 minutes.

3. Make a big ball of the dough and wrap it in plastic foil. Let the dough sit for about ½ hour.

4. Now it’s time to make pasta. We use a pasta machine, but you could also use a dough roller and a knife to make delicious tagliatelle.

5. The drying time of the pasta depends on how humid your home is and how you dry them. You can either hang the tagliatelle on a string to dry or in little birds nests. Both is fine. Just keep in mind with the birds nests to turn the pasta around so that both sides can dry properly. In our RV ( in the fall)it took about a whole day before the tagliatelle nests were dry.

6. The cooking part is super quick. So quick that you have to be careful not to over cook your pasta. Bring a big pot of water to boil. Make sure you have lots of water for the pasta to swim in. If you made pasta nests, please untangle them before placing them in the water. In that way the pasta won’t stick together. Cook your tagliatelle in 2 minutes, and definitely not longer as they will get soggy and slimy. So please time it.

1. To make pesto, we use a mortar and pestle but I bet you can also use a blender.

2. First place the seeds in the mortar and grind them fine.

3. Add the shredded cheese, finely chopped garlic and salt &pepper. Mix and grind it all together.

4. Chop the parsley and spinach without stems super small. Add that also to the mortar and mix it with a spoon.

5. At last pour the oil on top of the mix, add a little bit of lemon juice for freshness and voila your pesto is ready.

Place the cherry tomatoes in a oily skillet and grill them until they turn brownish. It’s ok if they have some burned spots.


*a nice extra touch to this dish is for the vegans : ground tofu, for the pescatarians: shrimps and for the meat eaters: chicken 



  1. Geweldig !
    Wij (Ron en Jenny) leven in Alberta in the country .We hebben plannen om te downsizen. We kunnen zeker tips gebruiken. om dat proces in te gaan.

    We ,(Ron and jenny) live in Alberta in a summer village.We sure have plans to downsize
    Any tips how to start that process ?

    • Wat leuk! Een goede start zou het boek “the life changing magic of tyding up” zijn 🙂 Dat boek geeft goede inspiratie om een process te starten. Wat zijn jullie van plan? Een kleiner huis, of alleen minder spullen? Waar in Alberta zitten jullie?

      Dirk en Eelke

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