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Hola everyone.

It’s  been a hell of a time since we have posted something on our blog. Our life is definitely not boring and even though we are stationary for the winter months, we still have lots to share. We only have difficulties to keep up with blogging. I guess we are almost half a year behind with our travel stories, but also with other interesting articles and recipes. Any tips from the master bloggers?? I mean, there must be a special secret for fame, that one of you wants to reveal to us. Yes please!

Anyway for all of you who just started following us on social media: we are Dirk and Eelke, two Dutchies, who are travelling and exploring the USA & Canada by motorhome with our three furry cat friends. We travel without a real plan and basically go whereever the wind blows. At the moment we are parked on a campground in Canmore Alberta, where we will spend the winter and work work work to safe up some money for more travelling. Besides that we are working ( obviously we rather want to travel instead ) we feel at home in this little mountain town and we’ve met some beautiful people. All of it is part of our long journey.


FLOW is a ( pretty popular) Dutch magazine, which wrote an article about us. | Us & our Tiny Home | It’s a fresh short piece about Full time RVing and the perks of this lifestyle. If you haven’t read it yet, go check it out. There is a Dutch version and an English one. Oh and of course we are very proud as FLOW Magazine is super cool and this is the first article about us ever posted online. Yeah yeah do you feel that fame?? We sure do hahahah

Ciao Eelke 🌲🏔✌🏻


Here pictures of the English version in case the website link stop existing one day…


  1. I’d like to join to learn as much as I can. Hubby and I bought a 1993 Coachmen Champagne edition in extremely great condition! We bought it from a senior couple who have decided to no longer snowbird. We are getting ready to update/remodel some of the 5er before we hit the road in march. So I need to learn as much as possible! Thank you for letting me subscribe to your blog!

    • That is great to hear. We will share as much knowledge as we can 🙂

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