:: Free camping @ Bonneville Salt Flats

| B O N N E V I L L E   S A L T   FLATS |
Peppy Pass Rd.
Wendover, Utah
Coordinates: 40.7723, -113.9812
BLM land

We found this place on Campendium and freecampsites.net. Also google will bring you to this spot when searching for dispersed camping. The drive to the camp spots is good, only about a mile or 2 dirt road, depending where you decide to camp. We parked our RV at the beginning where you have a big gravel square. Maybe not the most romantic site as it’s completely open and there is definitely no shade, but the view is stunning and the place is pretty levelled. Some people made fire pits with stones, so if you bring your own wood ( and the rangers allow you to), you are able to make a campfire. After we went for a little hike, we found out that there are other small roads which lead to camp spots. More suitable for tents, cars, vans or smaller RVs as the spots are not so spacious and also not all levelled.

Anyway, we liked our campsite and parked our RV facing the mountains. The salt flats are very nearby, so we took the scooter to check them out. You most probably can walk the distance as well, but it will take you a while. When the salt flats are dry, you can walk or even drive on them, which we did with our scooter. When the flats are wet, you are not allowed to enter them, as you will destroy the surface. Have respect for Mother Nature! We took some beautiful and funny pictures which we will post soon. And of course we took a handful of salt with us home, dried it in the sun and is now ready to spice up our food! As long as you grab the loose salt and don’t dig a hole in the flats, it should be fine to take some with you. It’s a nice experience.

From the gas station down the road we got some ice cream and alcohol, which we consumed on top of our roof while watching the sunset. The area is gorgeous and you can hike everywhere. There are probably some trails, but we just walked up a mountain and enjoyed the view. Wendover town, with all its casinos and hotels, has a weird vibe, so from our perspective not really something to visit.

Besides that there were some wind gusts during the day and a heavy thunderstorm one evening, we were content with the place. The cats loved it as well. Be aware of rattle snakes, especially if you have pets roaming free.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Cat satisfaction: 🐈🐈🐈🐈

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