:: Free camping @ Bryce Canyon NP

| D I X I E  N A T I O N A L  F O R E S T |
Road 1175
Bryce, Utah
Coordinates: 37.647470. -112.182942
National Forest


We found this place on freecampsites.net and if I remember it correctly also on the app. It’s definitely a great free camping spot between Bryce Canyon np and Bryce. The road in is dirt, and although a lot of reviews tell you it’s pretty bumpy and not suitable for RVs bigger than 25 ft, we made it in the forest with our 36ft long rig. I bet in the fall/ winter time it’s a different story. There are tons of parking spots for different sized vehicles. Some totally covered by trees, others in an open field. You have many dirt roads in the forest where you can easily drive around to find your perfect camp spot. We went a little deeper into the woods to find a quiet spot.


The Dixie national forest is a gorgeous big forest where you can hike, bike and ATV. It’s a couple of km away from Bryce Canyon park entrance and fairly quiet. During the day you will see some dirt bikes and other ATVs driving around, but it wasn’t bothering us. Compare to Bryce Canyon np, the forest is a totally different world. Not many tourists and the landscape is very lush.


We stayed here for 5 days and loved it. There’s lots of dry wood and twigs lying around to make a great bonfire. The days were fairly hot but the nights were cool with lots of stars in the sky. We visited Bryce Canyon, hiked in the forest, made fires, good food and chilled in the hammock. The cats were roaming free and were very happy with all the trees and high grass. Enough shady spots for them to chill. Of course there is lots of wildlife around, especially coyotes and deer, so we made sure they were inside during the night. Safe and sound. Also the Verizon signal was decent. The further you go into the woods, the shittier the signal. Makes sense right?

One tip: do your groceries before going to Bryce, as it’s super expensive there and you only have a convenient store which has barely any fresh produce.


Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Cat satisfaction: 🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈



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