:: Vlog 005

In this weeks episode we provide the best tools for boondocking in Canada & USA. If you want to know more about free camping in north america, you can read our article “the guide to boondocking” (link below).  Further we  visit farmers markets and wineries in the Okanagan, prepare some delicious food and show you how we make the beast travel ready.

boondock article: http://living-tiny.net/b-o-o-n-d-o-c-k-i-n-g-g-u-i-d-e/


:: how to travel with cats

C A T S, we have two of them, both very different in size, shape, colour and most important character. Every cat is unique and so is their travel behaviour… this will be a post about our cats and their story. Maybe you can relate or maybe this story will be useless… just read it anyways hahha

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