:: The Beast – after renovations ( RV tour)


Finally we made a little video of our RV after renos. This time good quality, but a technique of filming that was new to us.  We hope you get a good impression of our tiny space. If you want to see the Beast before renos, click here.

as mentioned in a previous post, we had only about two months to kinda get this RV renovated. We spend all our free time ripping out old furniture, carpet and other appliances and building new things out of the old rv materials. Of course we bought also new materials and we replaced some parts that were too rusty and old, like for example the water heater. 

If we would have had more time and a bigger budget, we would’ve probably taken the whole rv apart and build everything ourselves. WOULDA COULDA SHOULDA….. Nevertheless we are pretty happy with the end result.

We are planning to post more about the whole process and also specific details. Like how to replace certain things, how to repair, what were our difficulties, some before and after pictures etc. We will also tell you more about why we choose to live in an RV, what are the perks , what are the downsides and we definitely want to share our experiences.

Stay tuned!


Dirk & Eelke



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