:: The Beast – before renovation

Yay! A very crappy video of our RV when we literally just bought it.  We filmed this with a phone and it was actually only meant for family and friends. Since we never made a decent video of  ‘ the before ‘ , we decided to share this secret video with you all. Feel special!

As you can see, our Beast had a very retro, brown look with carpet all over the place. Not really our style but fortunately he ( I, Eelke, think the beast is a HE because of his masculine shape) was very well taken care of by the previous owners. We decided to get rid off the ’80 s look, and make the place our own.  After two months,  with only the weekends and some free days to work on it, we managed to move in. Thanks to the help of awesome friends, who took care of us by preparing food, getting us nice drinks, letting us take a shower, mentally support us, making bonfires, and helping us out with the renos ( painting, flooring etc), we could make this happen. High five!

We have captured the process on photo, good and lousy quality pics, that we will share with you in the near future. We are thinking of showing before and after pics, some technical stuff and we are planning on making a little video of the Beast after renos. Like a tour through our house. Sounds good? 

Keep you posted

Dirk  & Eelke

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