:: wild camping @ the wolf flats, Idaho

| W O L F  F L A T S  R E C R E A T I O N A L  A R E A |
Burns Creek Road
Ririe, Idaho
Coordinates: 43.598171, -111.605816
BLM land

We found this place both on freecampsites.net and google. Some of the reviews talked about poor road conditions and creepy vibes, but we experienced this place as very positive. The road in is gravel, for about 6 miles, and in a pretty ok shape. Our big rig of 36ft long managed it well by driving slowly. We definitely think visiting the flats before May, isn’t the greatest idea, as the weather will turn the road into a mud slide. That counts also for the camp spots, which you can find on both sides along the gravel road and are overall sandy and a little bumpy. Not all suitable for RVs.


The spots are spacious, have a lot of shade and have fire rings. We found a beautiful site secluded by trees and right next to the river. During the night it’s overall quiet, thank god! no trains, no cars, no boats. We camped here for 3 days in the end of May, with awesome weather and we barely spotted any people. But we did spot a young moose about a mile away from our RV. What a nice waking up present! We <3 wildlife.

The only downside were the heavy wind gusts we had for a whole day. The wind blew all the sand around, which kinda hurt while hiking and turned the inside of our camper into a beach.

Besides that we are happy about this free campground on BLM land. It’s a beautiful valley with hike and mountain bike trails nearby. We didn’t use a trail but just climbed up a mountain and enjoy the view.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️
Cat satisfaction: 🐈🐈🐈🐈

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