:: wild camping @ uinta wasatch cache national forest

| U I N T A  W A S A T C H  C A C H E  N A T I O N A L  F O R E S T |
UT- 150
Samak, Utah
Coordinates: 40.599077,-111.105983
National Forest

We found this place on google maps and checked the website fs.usda.gov/uwcnf for further camp info. If you drive the 150 from Samak towards east you will come across a fee station. The fee you have to pay is not high, something like 6 dollars for three days and 10 -12 dollars for a week. The fee is only for a specific recreational area, and most probably outside these borders you can also find free camp spots. Anyway, along UT-150 ( which is a paved good road) you will find paid campgrounds and a lot of gorgeous well maintained free camp spots with fire rings and picnic tables. Lots to choose from. We randomly stopped at one and were happy right away. Most of the spots are spacious, have trees and also are accessible with any size rig.

The forest is gorgeous and you will find lots of great hike and bike trails. Although most of the camp spots are not too far from the road, overall it’s pretty quiet. Especially during the night. We’ve seen some deer, walked randomly through the forest, had great food, chilled hard in the hammock and made a huge bonfire. Lots of wood and pine cones laying around to collect.

Our cats loved it there and were most of the time out on adventures. Although there are bear and coyotes living in the forest, we haven’t heard nor seen one. So all good and everybody happy.


Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Cat satisfaction: 🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈



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