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Sometimes pictures say more than words. That’s what this post is all about. We will spam you with lots of beautiful pictures and hopefully you will get jealous…or inspired ( that’s also fine with us) hahah.

Our trip to the park was quite adventurous. You have to understand that we were about 2 weeks into our travels, and not really knowing what we were doing. We just had our tires fixed and were about to get our internet from the post office  in a town called Red Lodge, near the north east entrance of Yellowstone. The village is supposed to be cozy and from there, someone told us, to take the Beartooth pass into the park. Apparently this is the most scenic route in the state with lots of gorgeous views. Although it’s a little dangerous, we would have to go uphill with our RV, so that wouldn’t  be a problem according to the tire repair dude. Of course we believed him…

Well let me tell you this, it was mid May, and while driving to Red Lodge we had snow. Yeah S N O W! How could we be so naive, thinking that spring is sun and blue skies in every state of America? Why didn’t we check the weather forecast? And also,why didn’t that tire dude tell us there is a chance of snow? Anyway, driving through the snow, with minimum rv experience and a curvy road was pretty adventurous. Thank god we survived without winter tires.

We entered the village with a hail storm, but nothing can stop us! This is all part of the adventure! We met a lovely couple who told us the Beartooth pass was still closed due to meters of snow and that the north east entrance to the park was closed as well. Well, let’s brainstorm again and come up with a new plan.

Plan B was taking the east entrance to Yellowstone and driving in a day through the park, as the weather Forecast for Yellowstone was rain, maybe even snow and below 0 Celsius during the night. if we would go camping in the park, there would be a big chance that our water pipes would freeze, and that’s not what we were waiting for.  

From Red lodge we drove to a beautiful cheap campground before the east entrance, to spend the night. The next day we drove into the park, with sunshine and pretty mild weather. We considered staying the night in the park, but besides that there were only 2 campgrounds open, they were also all full. Bummer. We sticked to our plan and had a wonderful day in Yellowstone. Because it was off season, it wasn’t as busy as usual, so we took it slow and saw some awesome things. Plus we’ve met elk, bisons and a wolf ( eating its pray) for the first time in our life. What a nice present. We ended the day on a nice campground just outside of the park in west Yellowstone. Wow what a nice little trip, we couldn’t have hoped for more. Fo real! 

After seeing these pictures, I think you have to agree that it’s a must to go to Yellowstone NP once in your lifetime. So start packing your bags and GO GO GO!




  1. Ohhhh wat een prachtige fotos en zo verschillend! Wat een ervaring zeg, zon trip. Leuk om zo een beetje mee te reizen😉

  2. WAUW! Wat ziet het er allemaal fantastisch mooi uit! Wat een ervaringen, door sneeuw en hittegolven, met (helaas wat) pech en geluk, maar in ieder geval met elkaar! Een bijzondere trip, zeker ook met Moena en Loki (wat een te gekke foto’s !!). Ik ben stiekem best wel jaloers op jullie, maar ik blijf dromen om (net als Timo en Max) jullie later dit jaar te joinen en een stukje te mogen meemaken van jullie avontuurlijke reis. Keep up the good spirits, met mooie foto’s, filmpjes en verhalen, en geniet van elke dag! <3 you sisi fo life & almighty-all-in-one boyfriend Dirk 🙂

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